Alia Moldagulova Nurmuhambetovna

Kazakhstan in the series on the 50 anniversary of Victory, Aliya Moldagulova, 1995, 3 m. (Michel 89), a monument Alie Moldagulova Regional Memorial Museum Alia MoldagulovoyAliya Nurmuhambetovna Moldagulova (Әлия Молдағұлова, 25.10. 1925, Bulak village, Hobdinsky region, Aktobe region, the Kazakh ASSR, RSFSR - 14/1/1944, Novosokolniki north of the town, the Pskov Region, Russia) - Hero of the Soviet Union (1944, posthumous), sniper, efreytor.Rodilas October 25, 1925 in the village Bulak Hobdinskogo district of Aktobe region. Another child lost her parents and lived in Alma-Ata with her uncle, and in 1935 was brought up in an orphanage in Leningrad. At the beginning of the war, along with children's homes had been evacuated in the Yaroslavl region (p. Vyatskoe). After the 7-th class Vyatka school entered the Rybinsk Aviation College, but soon (1942) applied to the Red Army with a request to send it to front.V in 1943 graduated from the Central girls' school sniper training. Since 1943 sniper 4 th Battalion 54 th Infantry Brigade separate (22 Army, 2 nd Baltic Front). In her account for more than 30 destroyed enemy soldiers and officers. Killed in action January 14, 1944 north of the city Novosokolniki. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union Alie Nurmuhambetovne Moldagulovoj posthumously awarded the June 4, 1944. She was awarded the Order also Lenina.Pohoronena in the village Monakovo Novosokolniki rayona.Imenem Moldagulovoj named streets, schools, boat MMF. In the cities of Moscow, Aktobe, Almaty, Novosokolniki, Astana, and monuments are installed at home. Alia's name carved on Stella in honor artekovtsev-heroes international children's camp "Artek". In Aktobe Oblast created a memorial museum. She was devoted to ballet "Aliya", a few verses and poems, many songs. The exploits Alia Moldagulovoj documentary film "Aliya" (dir. M. Sagatov) and the feature film "Snipers" (dir. B. Shamshiev).

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